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ElephantSanctuaryThailand.com is a website that lists the various sanctuaries of ethical nature for elephants in the Thailand. The sanctuaries that we propose are designed for the preservation of the animal in its natural environment.
Today in Thailand, elephant parks experience an increasing growth with tourists in thirst for meeting with this majestic animal. Unfortunately, this thriving business also saw the growth of parks where elephants are badly treated including the use of the infamous "bullhook".

That is why today, ElephantSanctuaryThailand.com offers a list of sanctuaries where elephants live in their natural environment, while still exposed to human contact, they are however treated with respect, dignity and without any form of abuse. These shelters are, in the majority of cases, non-governmental and non-charitable organizations. Those shelters host abandoned and beaten elephants, of which their former owners had no more use. They live thanks to the donations of individuals and the visits of tourists.
The transferred money is directly used for food, healthcare and infrastructure so that elephants can live comfortably.

But also used to release an unhappy elephant from its prison where it undergoes many forms of mistreatment (elephant trained for shows, mounted with heavy baskets...), the only way to put an end to the attraction is by buying it back from its owner. And the prices range between: $ 2000 usd and $80,000 usd!

Via ElephantSanctuaryThailand.com, we wish to help Thailand visitors to choose their activities with an ethical vision that is respectful towards elephants and nature. Thanks to our partners, ElephantSanctuaryThailand.com gives you the opportunity to get close to the elephants, to know them and to share a good time while helping them, as well as their benefactors.

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